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Bomberman or Dynablaster – Same yet Different Game?

You know what they call Bomberman in Europe? Dynablaster with cheese. Actually, hold the cheese. So this was 1990, you guys. This was, like, way early in Bomberman’s development. He was just a little atomic punk back then. No, literally, he was Atomic Punk back then. That’s what his Game Boy game was called. And in Europe, it was called Dynablaster.

In the world today? You can’t just break down barriers like that. Look, we can’t have the same things in different places. Don’t ask why, we just can’t. By now,you should’ve seen Terminator enough to know that we can’t just, you know. Look, it’s Dynablaster, okay? Of course, that’s Europe talk for it’s Bomberman. You walk around the level, you blow up bad guys, and then you blow up yourself. Anyway, Dynablaster is pretty much just the Bomberman you’d expect. Only difference is, it’s pretty much a solo Bomberman. Like, unless you have all the necessary equipment, Dynablaster is going to be a single-player Bomberman. And hey, that can be fun for a while, but I mean, it’s also Bomberman.

But actually, when you start, things certainly add up to fun. You have all these different areas you can go to, and every one looks different. That’s very cool. And while you play, you can also find power-ups that give you different abilities, and you have to decide which ones to take into battle, so there’s a bit of strategy. There are even two slightly different game modes with Fifa 17-like  gameplay. So I mean, Dynablaster is actually a pretty hearty single-player experience, considering the platform. It’s just that, for me…no matter what you add, the gameplay is more well-suited for multiplayer than single-player. Alone, it’s just a bit too repetitive. Still fun, but not going hold your interest very long. Still, the game looks good, the audio’s fine. Itplays great, too.

And the bad guys come in many different shapes and sizes, which is awesome. Again, for its platform, the game actually does a really nice job with its presentation. Even if the levels and the gameplay kind of feel the same, they at least change things up aesthetically, and that’s awesome. It’s actually kind of tough to criticize Dynablaster. When it comes to a Game Boy version of Bomberman? This is about as much as you could ask for, certainly in1990. I mean, think about that, the Game Boy was only a year old, but it was already getting stuff that was about on par with what consoles had to offer.

Anyway, this is one of those games that’s just exactly what it looks like, you know? Not much more to say. And that’s not a bad thing at all. If you’re looking for a good game of Bomberman for your Game Boy, this thing more than delivers. Just know that, for the most part, you’ll be playing it alone. Again, unless you have two copies,and two Game Boys, and cords, you need lots of cords. Think about that.

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