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Good News, Derby Finally on the Hay Day!

Good news Hay Day Farmers! Supercell has brought the feature Derby in the game. Now, you and your neighbors can challenge other neighborhoods to a friendly spirited horse race. And they’re off! With the neighborhood Derby, you can collaborate with neighbors and receive rewards together! Each horse in the derby represents a neighborhood. To move your horse ahead, you and your neighbors must complete various tasks. Participate in the derby by joining a neighborhood. Tap on the derby stand near your neighborhood house to reveal what the feature has to offer!

Derbies last for 7 days, starting at the same time for all neighborhoods. Once a derby ends, a new one will begin right away. In this first tab, you will see a selection of tasks. Tasks range from harvesting a particular amount of crops, to completing boat orders, serving visitors in your town, fishing, and so on. Each of your neighbors has the chance to complete an equal number of tasks. Look through the tasks. At the right side of the window, you’ll see how many items you must collect or actions to perform. You’ll see a time limit and how many points the task will yield.

Keep in mind items purchased through Tom or the roadside shop do not count. But if you are planning of buying anything, you can still have a leverage using Hay Day cheats tool. Notice, a little counter has appeared on the right hand side of my farm. This indicates how much corn I’ve collected so far- which is zero. And how many I still need in order to complete the task- so 55. Now, I’ve completed my first task. That leaves 4 more tasks on my personal quota. When you finish all your tasks, you may purchase one additional task to complete. I’ll go ahead and select a new task. The bacon task!If you cannot complete a task, you can trash it, however, this will leave you with fewer turns to contribute to the race.

As I wait for bacon, let‘s continue getting to know the derby feature!The racetrack tab has been unlocked, now that I have a task selected. Here I can see how my neighborhood is doing so far in the race. Check out all the neighborhood horses vying for the 1st place trophy! Your neighborhood’s horse will always appear at the top. The points you and your neighbors receive from completing tasks will move your racehorse forward. By reaching the blue flag checkpoints, you and your neighbors are awarded horseshoes.

Horseshoe prizes can only be collected after the derby ends. My neighborhood and I will complete this derby, and show you how rewards are gathered. The derby has ended and my neighborhood reached 1st place! Now I can claim my winnings. We were able reached 3 checkpoints, so I can collect just as many prizes!I can choose one reward from each column. Sweet!Prefer a different selection of rewards? You can shuffle the choices for a new set of possibilities using diamonds. Note; you don’t have to shuffle everything at once. You may keep certain items while shuffling the rest for a better chance at winning what you’re looking for.

The Neighborhood Derby is a great way to earn awesome rewards and work as team! Last but not least, if your neighborhood’s horse makes it to the top 3 on the winners’ podium,you can win extra personal prizes!

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