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The Mood Changing Game you should Play

I have, on my laptop, a number of Streets of Rage games. I enjoy Streets of Rage; it’s a quality game with a world-class soundtrack. I’ve never played it on my laptop. They came along with the Steam bundle pack that also included Shining Force, so I own them,even if they were largely accidental. To similar ends, I own Sega Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure DX, and Crazy Taxi all as yet uninstalled, since they just happened to come along with one of my favorite games of all time. Space Channel 5 Part 2 isn’t just a game, it’s the ultimate mood enhancer: you can’t be pissed off while playing this game.

When you’re talking about rhythm and music games, any level of desync, or input lag, or any other issue that may arise can be catastrophic, and I’m not talking about a nine-foot song here. It took a good hour or two of setting-fiddling before this thing even became playable, and that’s a generous description. Even optimally, the timing is utterly wrecked. I know I can do this part. I have done this part. This is my favorite part. I have done parts harder than this. It just sure doesn’t look it, because when the tracks get faster, inputs get dropped and timings get shaky.

You can try to compensate, but on figures like this trying to hit 22 inputs each ¾ of a beat early can be utterly miserable, and a waste of a Daigo-Umehara-tier performance. Not to mention that the port itself doesn’t really do the game any favors. Sure, the game itself is running at a better resolution, but all the cut scenes are still pre-rendered, stuck in 4:3, and  honestly, I don’t know why I bothered. Oh, wait, yeah: The soundtrack. Yes, it’s just eleven thousand reinterpretations of the hook from Mexian Flyer by Ken Woodman and his Picadilly Brass. But they’re really, really good. Some of my favorite tracks of all time. And yes, part of that may be due to the involvements of a certain embattled King of Pop. Part of it may be due to my personal proclivity toward big brass sound. New RTS game Clash Royale also has something better if you like mobile games. What makes it better is the unlimited gems it offers.

Part of it might just be the mood that this game puts me in. That’s fine. Point is, I could’ve spared myself some hair-ripping frustration simply by uninstalling this game and listening to the OST. All the other game modes return, including your obligatory dress-up features and the Ulala’s Dance 100-round challenge, and if you think you have a snowball’s chance of withstanding this version long enough to complete it you’ve got another thing coming. I say this as a veteran of ten seconds.

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